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The Curious Soul is limitless. I believe you should live to your fullest potential.

I am doing just that as a Brand Strategist, navigating the world by solving business problems and having fun while at it.

My Design Thinking Philosophy

Design is not purely aesthetic but a wholistic way of thinking. It should find the easiest way to solve the problems faced by people, keeping their experience center-stage. 

As a Brand Strategist, I make sure to bring in all the elements and touchpoints experienced by a brands consumer into consideration

Design thinking is Process, Aesthetics, Experience. Design thinking is Empathy.

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What Does a Brand Strategist do?

As a Design thinking Brand Strategist, I do the following

Brand Positioning

Help businesses occupy the space they desire in the minds of their customers

Digital Marketing Strategy

Show businesses that the world is their oyster with a strategically planned and targeted digital marketing strategy


The decisions the customers of a business will make are dependent on how they experience those businesses online


Live and Digital Workshops for the personal touch goes a long way


Every business has a customer with a problem.

My job is to understand what the problem is from the users perspective and create a solution they would be happy with using your products or service. My loyalties lie with your customer.

I do this in 6 main phases

1. Empathy

All solutions begin with empathy-driven research

2. Strategy

Ideation comes next with a clear understanding of the clients customers

3. Define Metrics

What would success look like for both the client and their customer?

4. Prototype

Align both of these metrics into the agreed strategy and build the marketing funnel

5. Test

Test and gather feedback from the customers

6. Improve

Improve on the plan using findings and expand to the wider audience


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