Kaeto Swithin-Nwuba is Design Thinker & Brand Strategist

She started her career in HR but quickly realized her strengths lie in marketing and brand strategy, especially in the digital space.

She is well versed in Design and Business processes stemming from the school of thought that design is not purely aesthetic but a wholistic way of thinking that solves the problems of end-users while keeping their experience center stage.

Kaeto has consulted for businesses in business modelling, business processes and marketing, brand strategy, 360-brand experience design and advertising. She runs Nkali, a business advisory firm for startups, and Binienu, a Premium fashion brand focused on creating pieces for the dynamic personality of the modern woman using a Zero-Waste sustainability model.

Her passions include the education of Nigerian youths and to see women live to the fullest of their potentials and achieve self-actualization.

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