Design Thinker & Brand Strategist

I started my career in HR but very quickly decided to tap into my strength in the arts. After starting and failing at running a fashion brand, I discovered that my learning were lacking in marketing.

I decided to learn all that was missing and fell in love with marketing and branding, especially in the digital space.

I am well versed in Design and Business processes stemming from the school of thought that design is not purely aesthetic but a wholistic way of thinking that solves peoples problems while keeping their experience center stage.

Fast forward a few years, and I have consulted for businesses in business modelling, business processes and marketing, brand strategy, 360-brand experience design and advertising.

I run Nkali, a digital agency and digital advisory firm for startups.

I am passionate about equity and fairness at all times. I love to see the youth flourish and see women live their lives to the fullest of their potentials and achieve self-actualization.

Reach out to me here for brand consulting or speaking engagements