I am a passionate advocate for design that goes beyond aesthetics – it’s a holistic way of thinking. As a business consultant with experience in entry-to-market strategy, general business processes, and 360-brand experience design, I’m dedicated to solving problems while keeping the customer experience at the forefront.

My Qualifications

  1. Integrated Brand Experience Design- 2018
  2. Digital & Growth Marketing- 2019
  3. ACIM- 2022
  4. MCIM- 2023

With over a decade of experience across diverse industries and a startup background, I offer a unique perspective that sets me apart. I’m committed to driving equity and helping the youth and women reach their full potential.

Why hire me?


Design is not purely aesthetic but a holistic way of thinking. It should find the easiest way to solve the problems faced by people, keeping their experience center-stage.

As a Brand Strategist, I make sure to bring all the elements and touchpoints experienced by a brand’s consumer into consideration
Design thinking is Process, Aesthetics, Experience. Design thinking is Empathy.


I have always thought that a brand should have its own identity.
What I mean by this is that I treat brands like they have opinions on issues, like they have a favorite movie they enjoy, prefer cocktails to scotch, and would rather lie in bed during a vacation than go rock climbing.

This persona developed will take a life of its own and the right audience would connect to that brand.


Every touchpoint is considered.
Every possible experience a client will have for your brand is brought to the forefront and all touchpoints are made to work in sync, beautifully.

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