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October 30, 2019

I have had a task at hand that has literally dragged for months now. It has been most exhausting feeling like I have to do grunt work inasmuch as I know it is really important, I just don’t like it!

I must sound like a petulant child but… ok, I’m being a petulant child. Basically, it is the groundwork I am laying for a new startup, Nkali. It was fun coming up with the strategy needed to draw up the structure, coming up with the different sources of income for the business and seeing how this startup was going to do great things for startups around Africa.

I however, had not been able to drag myself out of the muddle after the initial burst of excitement. Sometimes, there is no one to delegate to. Just hard work pure and simple, no intelligence to speak of.

I ran into this post from one of my favourite pages on Instagram- Diary of A Naija Girl, with content curated by “Ife”- if that’s her real name.

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This post hit me hard. I was being lazy plain and simple. I had talked endlessly about how I wasn’t passionate about this particular task that I am surprised the eyes of my audience of one didn’t roll off their head.

I have very openly said I dislike motivational speaking as a career. It doesn’t make any sense to me that someone that has never run a business takes time to strategically advice someone who is in the fight of his/her life in business from a place of authority no less.

A message they have perpetuated over the years is one that has become a welcome message. One we truly consider noble- “Do only what you’re passionate about”. All that talk is a joke. A big one. This is the truth- Develop passion for what it is you need to get done.

Identify the goal, map out a plan to get there and get your hands dirty. Do the uncomfortable thing today to earn you the tomorrow you want. Do it passionately!

Anyways, I am happy to report that I put a dent in the grunt work. Not nearly enough, but I am hopeful that I am maybe digging myself out of the slowness of the past couple weeks.

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  1. Happy to hear that you are making progress. Sometimes it might mot be laziness though, but something akin to ‘writers block’ or some sort of burn out in which case, you may need to look away and refresh you mind. As the saying goes ‘the more you look is the less you see.’

  2. I’m still in this though. Sometime, the laziness takes turn after turn. While you think you are motivated enough to get out, it was actually giving you a break.

    But just like you, I hope in being able to conquer once and for all

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