Pendulum swing 2- MGTOW

October 10, 2019

They are hilarious. They gave me reason to finally write on this Pendulum swing. They actually hate being pushed to the curb by women ALL THE TIME. I feel their pain. After a temporary staff at my former office asked me to leave what I was doing to make an egg sandwich for him, I can understand how it feels to be treated like “my place is in the kitchen and the ‘other room’”. Lol. When a Country’s president says his wife’s place is in the kitchen and the other room, you know it’s serious. I don’t want anyone else treated unfairly or in an annoying manner because quite frankly, it sucks. Because women have not been treated right over the years give no one the right to then treat men unfairly. These straight men have banded together to say they will not be sucked into relationships that end up being a means for organized bodies of the government to stick it to them. They see the government and women of the world as a syndicate of organized crime to constantly screw them out of their places. They’re basically angry men. Now “angry”, “scorned” women have their male counterparts. Pathetic, isn’t it? They got mad and did THE SAME THING.

A lot of women need to stop being victims mentally for balance to be struck. If you want equal pay, do the work to the best of your ability. If you’re a woman reading this and you sleep your way to the top in your work place, understand that you’re making it harder than it already is for the rest of us to be taken seriously by men in the work place. I understand first-hand what it feels like to be looked at like a fool even when I’m talking sense. I know what it’s like to be ignored when I walk into an office or a shop to make inquires. But the solution is not to be angry or to lash out, nor to create laws that are beneficial only to you. It will bring about “positive discrimination”. That is an oxymoron. That is like saying jumbo-shrimp, good-witches or classy-Black Chyna. You are pushing over stacked dominos.

MGTOW says that they will stay away women. The pendulum has swung. It’s funny now but they are growing considerably; the end is nigh. I will at this point be laughed at as a conspiracy theorist but check out Isaiah 4:1. Our solutions are causing the very problems that we are struggling to solve.

You want respect as a woman, work hard and bring in the big bucks to the company. Give them nothing to complain about. Want the stereotype about the black man changed? Read books, stop the violence, invest in higher education, stop with the victimized attitude. I’m no poster child for “goody-two-shoed-ness” but I see more trouble brewing if we don’t rise above. I DO NOT DENY THE ISSUES. I am not insensitive to the fact that the system is rigged against certain people. I know what it’s like to be stereotyped. Every episode of “Blackish” spoke about Nigerians as scammers while on the other hand, talking about the difficult stereotypes faced by African-Americans in America- the pathetic irony.

We are not victims as women or black people. We are just people. I AM A NIGERIAN WOMAN. I love being both of these things a lot. Become the person you were meant to be. I think after I’m done building my school here, I will set up a foundation for poor white American and British boys to get a higher education. Malala is doing a great job for the females. I’ll do something for the males.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Rise above.

Final piece coming soon…

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