Pendulum swing- Concluding post

October 10, 2019

Finally, I will have to ask this. Exactly who on earth gets up without getting a leg up? Donald Trump (white male) got a “small” loan. (“Small” was used in the loosest possible terms possible here). A few of these things are in our minds. Can one truly claim to be humble or free if he cannot accept help regardless of where it is coming from? Let the mindset of being perceived as a victim not actually hold us captive and make us loose opportunities presented us.

I have a funny story here. I was trying to open a corporate account with Diamond bank and the guy attending to me talked a bit about the different types of accounts for bigger businesses. I trailed off with the names of these accounts because of there were a lot of them. But he talked about one that had a minimum balance of #1,000,000. But women could start with #250,000 and have to make up the million by the third month in operation. I found this interesting. On the one hand, you want to be grateful because “the system” recognizes the prejudices that being female present every woman alive, especially here in Africa. But on the other hand, I start to think. If we are prejudiced against in life and the bar is dropped lower for us, how will we manage to be taken more seriously as business women or as professionals in our chosen fields when men can always say “Oh! The limit is 250k for women, no wonder she’s in the meeting.”

It’s like it’s a lose-lose situation. I know what it’s like to feel like you have to prove something to people, both to the international market and to the males and some females of the world. But I really have nothing to prove to anyone but to myself that I can be the person God made me to be. To be a warrior, a conqueror in everything I do. God Himself doesn’t need anything to be proved to Him. He knows I have a warrior within. He put her in there.

So I say to women, this is what it means to rise above- work harder and don’t ever freak out even when someone is out of line with you so you don’t look irrational and get asked if you’re on your period. Calmly refuse to take on more than is your very best even if they say you’re distracted by family or womanly things. Be the best at what you do until people stop “mansplaining” things to you. Don’t ever say they are mansplaining, even if they are. Simply smile and let them finish. Then say “That’s good, so you have a bit of an idea what it is we’re talking about”, then go on to further educate them on their minimal understanding of the subject matter. Never take their condescension to heart. You will be tagged as the prey and they the victims should you do this. I understand that you shouldn’t have to do these in an ideal world but if we rise above as a collective whole, the next woman who comes into our offices will be on the plain slate we placed her on and be judged based on her performance as she is supposed to, not her sex. You must never take shortcuts. Even when you save the day with the genius mind that you have, you must never take the glory. Your response must be “Ah, it was nothing”. Finally, NEVER flirt with your boss until you change jobs. The rest of us are counting on you for this.

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