Pendulum Swing pt 1

October 10, 2019

This is a three-part post
This social behavior theory is one I have postulated for a long minute. I will offend a number of people by saying the things that will follow and that is perfectly fine. Let me know below how you agree or disagree with me.

I begin… My theory states that “no social injustice can be fixed by doing the opposite of the injustice. Such actions will result in a social pendulum swing. No wrong can be corrected in any way but rising above it”.

Pendulum in motion, showing 2 extreme swings and middle swing position with a suspension point

A- One extreme of social injustice B- Social equilibrium C- Opposite extreme of social injustice

What is a social pendulum swing you ask? Let me explain. You know how a woman can be disrespected by men then she decides to be even more disrespectful to the men around her to curb the disrespect? This works for a while till there is a new resistance and she is plagued with even more disrespect and is forced into a place of serious assault (not necessarily physical) worse off than she was before. That is the swing right there. The moment an abused child, an oppressed race, a battered woman pushes back, things get better but they tend to reach the right balance and tee off far left.
What are the possible far left results of swings? People waking up from their “oppressor guilt” and deciding they’ve paid enough for their former supremacy (real or imagined). This has brought about all lives matter, the disturbing phenomenon called Milo Yiannopoulos (who also led a group of bullies to attack a black lady on twitter and got banned as a result), more black killings and the very online movement that has finally brought me to write on this topic- MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).
Let me expand…
How come the fight for “equality” of sexes was growing and suddenly reached a break-point? Whenever there is a push, whatever is pushed, pushes back. I’m all for race and gender equality because I am a Christian. Peep this Gal. 3:28. But we live in an imperfect world. Overcoming this imperfection is with perfection. Overcoming hate is with love. Overcoming war is with peace. Shooting white policemen when black people on the street are unlawfully killed is NOT a solution. This is because the sick people propagating black killings will claim to have been right all along. They are not right! Blacks, Asians and basically everyone is rational and do not deserve to be marginalized.
How come ISIS, Boko haram and Fulani herdsmen are spreading? We must be doing something wrong? Let’s think on this a bit.
How come the affirmative action that was created in good will to help minorities have a fighting chance has gone ahead to make people resentful? The people who were more deserving with higher qualifications are marginalized and they end up saying things like “I am being discriminated against to solve discrimination”. The problem affects the “helped” too, in that they are constantly looked at as charity cases. They somehow become show-and-tell blow up dolls whose sole claim to their rise is the generosity of “the white man”, their benefactors. So people go about hiring the people they want for positions and hire more people as fillers. So instead of the praise, you’re stuck with the “He’s the vice president of the ‘urban division’, how cute!” condescension…
More on the confusion called MGTOW.

I would like to appeal to other people who have opinions as well and let them know that I am aware that they have opinions too. Please feel free to say your opposing or agreeable opinions in the comment section to keep the banter fresh. I usually do some sort of basic research before forming opinions.
If I disagree with you, it’s simply because I do.

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