Purpose, not Product

October 10, 2019

So I have been doing a lot of work in branding and it cannot be left to chance while building a business. In business, a brand is developed consciously or it is left to the whim of the audience to develop it.

This could end up being a dangerous place for the business. We have a lot of work to do to develop the perception we want in our businesses but it leads me to the topic. Don’t sell a product, sell a purpose.
The “why” of your business needs to be more in the forefront of your business than your product.
We hear things like Product-market fit but the reverse should be the case. Create the market for your product by selling the purpose, then sell your product to them.
Sometime ago, I heard a man say that a lady who sells pastries and all things delicious when asked what she did replied “I am in the business of alleviating guilt.” When asked what she meant, she went on about how her solution was creating pastries for women who could eat as much cake as they’d like without the fear of adding weight. She talked about how the guilt after a treat was just as bad or worse than the actual treat was and how that guilt prevented weight loss. So by pushing guilt-free sweetness, her products moved.
So when I join Simon Sinek in asking you “why” you’re in business, you need to stop pushing your products for a minute and ask what solutions your business is proffering. What is your “why”?

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Live on purpose, can’t wait to see you rise- Kaeto

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