How I would rebrand the Nigerian Police

Couple weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation about how I would rebrand the police in Nigeria if given the chance. Off the top of head, I mentioned a few things but I decided to give my idea a little more thought and put it in writing.

Because I design 360 degree campaigns, I postulated both online and offline touchpoints.

  1. Social Media Campaign and Content plan
  2. Radio Jingles
  3. TV Ads
  4. I would go as far as a miniseries, reality show, documentary or docu-series following the lives of police officers and their daily experiences, to give the people insight on just how challenging being an officer is.
  5. A police Review App- The crux of the matter is the Review app.

All of these activities would be “Powered by (name of app)” to encourage downloads and reviews by the people. I didn’t bother with naming the app

Review App to Rebrand The Nigerian Police

With rebranding the Nigerian police, the underlining issue to fix is TRUST. A system that optimizes transparency will always win the trust of people. I proposed a review system where the people can use the app to tell stories of their experiences with policemen on the daily.

Phone screen page showing a police officers reviews in an app that reviews the Nigerian Police for rebranding purposes

Here are a few Research-based facts-

  1. There are good policemen who put themselves on the line for people daily.
  2. The Police is amongst the top 3 worst brands in Nigeria.
  3. To effect change, it is more effective to reward good behavior than solely punish bad behavior. This article talks about positive reinforcement as opposed to negative or positive punishment. You should check it out if you would like to know more.
Police Officers Profile Screen in a mobile app for rebranding the Nigerian Police

The kinds of metrics the app could measure are things like “Highest positive reviews”, “Highest positive Reviews in Abia”, “Most improved reviewed officer in Lagos” etc and these officers could be given cash rewards by the government in annual award ceremonies.

Mobile phone Home screen featuring a review in an app that reviews police officers for the Rebranding of the Nigerian Police.

I designed some of the screens of the app as seen on the thread that would give people the chance to speak of their experiences, both good and bad, using the badge numbers of police officers as their “tracking codes”. The app would allow people leave reviews and use the 5-star rating system.

Mobile phone screen showing a review page with allowance for tracking number for police officers for the Rebranding of the Nigerian Police.

What this application would do for the People and the Police

  1. It would help the police digitize the information of their staff.
  2. This application would give the hardworking policemen a chance to shine.
  3. It would give a more balanced opinion of police officers to the public which will instill trust.
  4. It will humanize the police officers in the minds of people.
Two UI/UX phone screens. One featuring an Officers Profile and the other featuring an officers review page in a mobile app

In rebranding, the mistake a few people make is to assume that nice colors, fluff or a new logo will replace a working process. It might get people in the door but if your processes don’t work or if your service sucks, they’ll go back the way they came.  A working reporting-reward system must be established. By this I mean that if an Organization is unwilling to intrinsically improve, creativity will not solve that Organizations problems.

If an Organization is unwilling to intrinsically improve, creativity will not solve that Organizations problems.

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Potential threats to this method

  1. We know that angry people leave more reviews than satisfied people. If people will mostly use their apps to report bad behavior, the reviews could potentially by negatively skewed. However, even if bad behavior might have brought about the download of the app, the Police officers themselves could promote further use of the app as well to encourage their positive reviews.
  2. Internet trolls. We know what they are capable of. This can be mitigated with bots and other tools and methods currently in use by other app owners.
  3. Trying to game the system. Officers could attempt to get those in charge to remove bad reviews.
  4. Faking Badge numbers
  5. Push back from officers themselves. It would need to be communicated in such a way to get the buy in of the officers themselves.


  1. I proposed a thinking that if the people felt that their voices would be heard, their trust would grow.
  2. When people find reporting an issue easy, complete with Police Customer service and a reward system for the best of officers, they would do their part in reporting issues to the government.
  3. When policemen feel their goodness will be rewarded, their attitudes would improve.


Factors I’m not privy to might make for certain things to be impossible but I thought it was a worthy idea to share. And it was just a conversation I decided to play with. Also, this was with the mind that the Police had indeed reached out to my company for a rebranding Project.

Two phone screens. One featuring an Officers personal Profile Page and the other featuring the Phone screen menu

What do you guys think? Kindly leave a comment in the comment section below and feel free to share the article.