Personal Growth and Development

This is my first post since I restarted my blogging. I have been “shook” by just how differently I see things now.

My opinions formed squarely from experiences have changed as I have grown to see things from many different perspectives and new experiences. The thing though is going back… how does a person actively ‘unsay’ things? I have seen very many “thought leaders” go through a lot of public shaming these days that it’s hard to not wonder at how many things we can be crucified for if care isn’t taken.

The Woke Bug

Kevin Hart apologised not too long ago for statements he made about homosexuality many years ago when it was “politically correct” to say those things… Where is the lone exactly? Who hasn’t said things and had views in the past that would vastly differ from our views today? There’s a “hive mind” situation going on now that seems to push against any thinking outside of our new age “wokedom”. They say it is ok to be different but what I see is that it is only ok to be their kind of different.

We’re all fine until 3 years after spitting on an opinion, the hive decides to evolve in a new way of thinking and we blindly follow suit. We never for once, give thought to the fact that we just ferociously we fought for the very opposite thinking just 3 years prior.

It is scarily similar to how “Big brother” controlled the narrative from the shadows to the mindless crowd in the book “1984” by George Orwell.


I am thinking of

  1. A safe space- It is our Responsibility to create a safe space. If a person is discovered to have said or done something wrong from a long time ago, let’s be open to a conversation about it. Let us not throw stones. Instead, let’s give room for growth and admittance to our former wrongs.
  2. Breaking cycles- Whenever a person responds inappropriately to us, let’s be sure to respond kindly. Let’s assume first of all that they do indeed mean no harm.

I have deleted 2 posts now because of how differently I view the things now. The internet never forgets though. I am glad this speaks to at least one post from the past- the great unlearner

Taking Responsibility

  1. We are responsible for our words and actions.
  2. We are allowed to change our minds when new information is brought to us.
  3. We are obliged to come forward with a change of heart when there are people that look up to us

The above is the current statement of my opinion. I have the freedom to change my mind as I learn.